White Turban

$ 9.99

Turban & Beard Premium Turban 
Exclusively available through our website. 
Made in our mother land (India) 

100% Cotton Full Voile Turban 
Shipped from the USA

Double Turbans vs Single Turbans
We understand everyone ties a different Turban style. 
A Single Turban is just a long piece of cloth (3 meters and up) 1 meter wide no stitching whatsoever.  
A Double Turban is a single turban cut in half and then sewn together horizontally. This process DOUBLES the width aka makes it a double turban. 

White Turban
Please keep in mind we do our best to describe an item's color in each description we write. Variations in monitor or mobile color settings are just too wide from device to device for us to guarantee colors. If you want to order a sample to test the color click here

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