Beard Oil Sample Kit (Includes 3 Different Scents)

$ 34.99

You will receive 3 of our Exclusive Scents. 

Our team will carefully curiate the 3 of our 10 scents. 
If you want to choose your scent yourself you can! Simple add it to the notes in your order! (if no note is mentioned we will send out 3 of our most popular scents)

Scents (view all scents)
Gabroo, Sardar G, Mitran Da Swag, Deep (Nut Free), Santra, Panj, Pendu, Proper Patola, Wakhri Toor, Yaari 
Hemp seed oil, Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil, Vitamin, Essential oils
What does Beard Oil do? 
Beard oil takes beard care to the next level. It makes your beard softer and easier to control. Beard oil prevents "bearddruff" or the flakey white stuff that comes from a beard. The oils also add health to your beard, promotes the growth of your beard. (Beard Swag)
How long does a bottle of beard oil last?
Depending on the size of your beard the oil should last you anywhere between 2-3 months for a 30ml Bottle. 1-2 months for a 10ml Bottle. 
How to apply?
Apply 2 drops of the oil on your hand (pea size)
Massage the oil into a sexy beard. 
Use a brush to spread the oil throughout your whole beard. 
Repeat daily for best results (Use after you wash out gel or hairspray from your beard) 
For best results apply daily after a shower or onto a damp beard 
Use a brush for daily beard care

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