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Hey Bollywood! Stop Stealing Our Songs!

Written by TURBAN & BEARD


Posted on September 21 2016

Let's face it. Being punjabi was always cool. We all know that. But in Bollywood land ... where Hindi reigns, punjabi sometimes took a back seat. 

Then why are we seeing our favorite Punjabi songs being "Bollywooded" (Yes we just made up that word) 

Now we know all of the original artists are given credit to their songs both new and old, and as artists they have the right to do what ever they want. We just wanted to do a little rant session. 

There are tons of other songs this has happened to. These are some we noticed. 

Sadi Gali
The Bollywood Version (Tanu Weds Manu - 2011) 

 The Original (RDB / Lehmber Hussainpuri - Estimated Release -1999) 

(We couldn't find a release date for the Original, the internet seems to think that the song was released in 2011 in the Bollywood movie) 


Aja Mahi 
The Bollywood Version (Singh is Bling - 2015)

 The Original (RDB - 2005) 

Gal Ban Gai 
The Bollywood Version (Meet Brothers - 2016) 

 The Original (Sukhbir - 2001) 


Rail Gaddi 
The Bollywood Version (
Tutak Tutak Tutiya - 2016)

 The Original (Mangal Singh, Chirag Pehchan, CID - 1993) 


Tutak Tutak Toothiyan
The Bollywood Version (
Tutak Tutak Tutiya - 2016)

 The Original (Malkit Singh - Estimated Release 1991) 



  • How bout we make Punjabi music bigger and better and more appealing to EVERYONE and we stop having a mindless appropriation discussion again. No one wins with those, it’s iusy self righteous blabber. Punjabis aren’t victims we’re bosses. Brush it off and get better!

    Posted by Jarnail Johnson | September 24, 2016
  • stop your bullshit p

    Posted by singh | September 21, 2016
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