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The One Basic Rule OnWearing A Suit Jacket

Written by TURBAN & BEARD


Posted on May 21 2016

Time and time again we have seen people make this mistake, so we had to create a short post about it. 

We have seen this mistake in is so many guys.
Below is a simple image that you can use for reference. 

Just by following this one rule it will make your entire look come together. It is the first rule in style and its the first rule any suit salesman will tell you, and it can ruin your swag.

Historical Reference 

Legend has it, 1900's King George Edward VII was so fat that he couldn't button up all his suit buttons. The fashion of the time people would wear up to 5 buttons on a suit (yikes). The trend has changed since then, but the "Fat King" rule is still something we very much use today.

Following this rule can only benefit you. 
It tells other people that you are "in the know" that you are "fashion forward". Closing all the buttons on your suit jacket can only help you. The men that usually do not follow this rule are the ones that don't wear jackets too often, following the rule shows that you are a seasoned suit wearer, and that you pay attention to detail. The more trendy menswear gets, the more and more important this staple rule becomes. 

Also suits are usually designed and styled knowing that the wearer will follow this rule. By not following it, the jacket will fit different that intended. It will rise up when you lift your arms and it may scrunch up. 


Follow this one simple rule and you are on the right track to looking good. 






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